My dissertation, Fragility Thy Name is Man: Marking Post-colonial Indian Heteronormative Masculinities in Literature and Digital Media (1947-), challenges the stability of aspirational ideals associated with post-colonial Indian masculinities, such as virility, stoicism, and entrepreneurship. For more details contact me.

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • “Another Migrant’s Experience: A Study of Affective, Intellectual Bengali Masculinity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland” (April 2021) 38.2021.1918501

  • “Situating Right-Wing Masculinities and Revisiting The Men and the Boys Under the Neoliberal Turn” in Boyhood Studies (December 2020)

  • “Of Neoliberalism and its Masculine Interlocutors: The Case of Balram Halwai in Aravind Adiga’s, The White Tiger” in Postcolonial Interventions (February 2018)

Forthcoming in Edited Anthologies/ Special Issue

  • “From the Confessional to the Ground: The Scarecrow of Neoliberal Feminism in Indian Social Media Metoo Feminism,” for The Other Metoo's (Oxford University Press)

  • “Writing Selfhood Through Global South-South as Method: Networked Masculinities in Aravind Adiga and Alejandro Zambra,” for The Routledge Companion to Global South Literatures (Forthcoming March 2022)

  • “Of Trolls and Affective Masculinities: Inside the World of digital India” in Global Humanities

Ongoing Selected / Under Review as of June, 2021

  • “English, August: A Meditation on Stoicism and the Fragility of the Postcolonial Bhadralok Ethic” (Under Review)

  • “Towards a New Poetics of Relation in an Island of One’s Own: Construction, Consumption, and Dissemination of Affect in Skin Stories" (Under Review. To be presented at NWSA 2021)

  • “Writing into Being through Reading Affirmatively: Locating The White Tiger in South Asian Literary Imagination, ” (Presented at ACLA 2021)

  • The Cruel Optimism of Neoliberal Homosociality: Locating Masculinities and Transnational consumption practices in Zindagi Na Mile Dobara ( To be presented at AMSA 2021)